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Interview with Manfred Mohr, Paris, 1977 from IBM Film "Ideas, Experiments, Results" 1979

The film, with voice-over in English, "Ideas, Experiments, Results" 1979, sponsored by IBM Deutschland, produced by condor-films Zurich, was made with 7 artists from 5 countries working with a computer (Artists: Edward Zajec - Graphics, Tony Longson - Graphics, John Chowning - Music, Roger Pfund - Designer, Eugen Gomringer - Poetry, Manfred Mohr - Graphics, Edward Kobrin - Music)

The film "Ideen Versuche Resultate", Documentary film by H.W.Kunze (IBM Deutschland), was originally made in German in 1977.

The following excerpt from the film is the interview with Manfred Mohr which was filmed in Paris in 1977 at his studio (Rue D'Olivet) and at the "Centre de Calcul" de la Météorologie Nationale (Avenue Rapp).


Images from Film

Manfred Mohr in his studio explaining why he writes his programs himself

... in computer room at Météorologie Nationale

... checking his drawing (P197, Cubic Limit II) on a Tekronix screen in the plotter room

... and then drawing it on the Benson 1286 flatbed plotter

... plotter drawing in progress