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Centre Culturel du Marais, Paris, October 1976

Exhibition: CONTRASTES

In this contribution by Manfred Mohr to the show, a text written by him is transformed slowly from French into its English translation.
Each transformation changes one letter at a time [A]... to [Z] then [,] and [.] in 2 steps:
   - The chosen letter from the second text is morphed into the current text.
       (eg: B's from the second text are put into their position in the current text.)
   - If there is a space in the second text at the same position as the chosen letter in the current text,
       the letter is replaced by a space in the current text.
      (eg: A space in the second text will replace a B in the current text, if it is in the same position.)
The transformation is printed on folding and sprocketed paper from a CDC high-speed line printer.

The following photos were taken expressly for this website from the original 1976 wall hanging.

Click on an image below to get a more detailed version

Global view

A French text transforms slowly ....

.... into its English translation

Beginning of wall hanging - replacement of letter "A"

Middle of wall hanging - replacement of letter "M"

End of wall hanging - replacement of punctuation "."

© 1976 by Manfred Mohr