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P-200-N, Sequence of six paintings (1977)
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Explicative drawing of algorithm P200 / Click to enlarge

About the Alogorithm:
A cube is divided into two parts by the X (horizontal) Cartesian plane. For each image the two partitions contain independent rotations of a cube.
They are projected into two dimensions and clipped by a square window (the projection of a cube at 0,0,0 degrees).
By rotating both parts of the cube in small but different increments, long sequences of images are developed.

First published:
Examples of this algorithm are published in: Manfred Mohr, "Dessins Génératifs - Cubic Limit II", Galerie Weiller, Paris, 1977

About the Work:
- A series of 4 paintings from this algorithm is in the KunstMuseum Bonn, Bonn Germany
- A drawing and it's explicative drawing from this algorithm were shown in the historic show:
   KONSTRUKCJA W PROCESIE/ Construction in Process, Lodz, Poland in 1981
   List and images which were sent to Lodz in 1981

© 1977 by Manfred Mohr