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Manfred Mohr - Computer Graphics, Une Esthétique Programmée, ARC - Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris 1971

Photos from the opening on 11. May 1971

For the duration of this museum show, BENSON-France SA, generously installed a plotter (drawing machine) as well as a magnetic tape drive, on which Manfred Mohr demonstrated, at the opening and each afternoon during the show, how this machine draws his art. They were the same type of machines Manfred Mohr was using at the Institut Météorologique in Paris.

It was an extraordinary adventure to encounter every afternoon the most diverse opinions. One thing was learned, that young people and older persons were generally very positive to the drawing adventure but middle age people saw it as a threat to their careers.

Photos: Rainer Mürle, Pforzheim
l.t.r: Manfred Mohr, Monsieur Ciseaux/Rep.Benson, Estarose Wolfson Sabine Marchand, ??, Manfred Mohr, Pierre Barbaud, Robert Marchand

unknown visitorsl.t.r: Roswita Mürle, Manfred Mohr, Estarose Wolfson, unknown visitors

Manfred Mohr with unknown visitorsEstarose Wolfson with unknown visitors

Manfred Mohrcomputer controlled plotter - Institut Météorologique, Paris 1970

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Manfred Mohr working at Météorologie Nationale, Paris 1970