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Complete copy of exhibition catalog

"Manfred Mohr: Drawings Dessins Zeichnungen Dibujos"
Galerie Weiller, Paris, France 13 mars - 13 avril 1974
Galerie Gilles Gheerbrant, Montreal, Canada 24 avril - 22 mai 1974

Essay by Manfred Mohr

PDF of catalog Manfred Mohr Drawings Dessins Zeichnungen Dibujos 1974 - (17MB)

All the drawings that are shown in the catalog are originally black ink on white paper.
White on black images in the catalog were photographically reversed for aesthetic reasons.
The dates of the algorithms displayed in this catalog are 1971 - 1973:
P-97 - P-1331972
P-137 - P-1481973

The catalog cover is P-112, Lady Quark


Catalog cover
pages 1-24