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Manfred Mohr - Artificiata II

works from 2013 - 2014

projections and dimensions

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The above screen based work shows all the 2-D projections of a randomly chosen n-dimensional diagonal path between 2-D and 13-D in a cyclic sequence. Similar to the rules in 12-tone music, each dimension has to be selected once before the same dimension can appear again. The colors and rotations are chosen randomly. (complete description of algorithm)

In this set of works on paper below, each drawing depicts all the 2-D projections of a chosen n-dimensional diagonal-path.
The series consists of 12 digital drawings 40x50cm, one for each dimension between 2-D and 13-D.

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P1650-A, pigment-ink on paper, 2014, [12x] 40cm x 50cm

This work shows all 55 2-D projections of a diagonal-path from an 11-D hypercube.

P-1640_581, pigment-ink on paper, 2014, 112 cm x 150 cm

P-1640_506, pigment-ink on paper, 2014, 112 cm x 150 cm

Digital Art @ Sony Center Screen, in collaboration with DAM Gallery, Berlin, Germany, Aug 25-Nov. 28, 2015 and Feb 1-June 30, 2016, Photo courtesy DAM Gallery
Click images for the short movie made from the realtime animation and shown at the Sony Center

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