subsets.motion uses the same computer program as subsets (written in 2003). It runs on all computer platforms, including PC's. In the workphase subsets inkjet paintings are realized from instances (or stills) of the 11-D animation. In the workphase subsets.motion, self-built PC's execute the 11-D animation program with each installation using a unique set of parameters which determines the sub-structure. Each time the program is restarted it picks a new set of 11-d random angles and increments (based on the present time and date). This results in "unique" images which don't repeat and are always surprising. Special thanks to Estarose Wolfson who collaborated on various aspects of this project.

two short examples based on the program P1011, subsets.motion, a real time algorithmic animation


click here for hi-res movie from actual art work

Installation view at bitforms, New York 2006

© 2005 by Manfred Mohr

Exhibition catalog:    Manfred Mohr, "Subsets", Galerie Wack, Kaiserslautern 2005    /   bitforms, New York 2006

Computer animated screen works of "subsets.motion", each one having it's own unique sub-structures, are in the following collections:

Grazyna Kulczyk Collection, Poznan, Poland
Borusan Contemporary Art Collection, Perili Kösk Museum, Istanbul, Turkey
Private Collection London / New York