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P2300 (2017) is based on the same algorithm as in the work series P1680 from 2014.
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P1682_1973-2, pigment ink on paper, 2014, 40 x 56 cm

In the work series P1680, an n-dimensional diagonal-path, a segmented line, is divided into its even and odd segments. An n-dimensional diagonal-path is shown with its even numbered lines in the left part and its odd numbered lines in the right part of each drawing. Furthermore, the respectively missing lines are shown as compressed vertical lines along the sides of each part. (The Program chooses randomly between 20 and 100 dimensions, in intervals of 10).

In the P2300 series however, each square is bent 180 degrees around it's center point and then moved and rotated into the horizontal position with one common center point. The original compressed vertical side lines become thick horizontal lines, creating a counter-point rhythm.

P2300_847, pigment-ink on paper, 2017-18, 100 cm x 100 cm

© 2017 by Manfred Mohr

About this Work:

Works from the P2300 series were first shown at Galerie Charlot, Paris October 2017

In the P-2300 series, the circular form is the generated content of the work. As opposed to some of my earlier circular drawings such as P-38 (Rotor, 1970) and P-154 (Cubic Limit I, 1974) where the circular form is a container for the placement of the graphic signs.