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P2500 (2018) series is based on my 2015 algorithm from workphase Artificiata II, "traces"

This work from the P2200 series   ARTIFICIATA II   shows the result of a few seconds of rotating a diagonal-path of an n-dimensional hypercube. The colored lines are the visual rendering of the history of that movement in a 2-D projection.
Since 2015, when I wrote this program, I was tempted to show these traces of the rotation in a separate set of drawings because of their strong visual expression.

P-2200_1539,inkJet on paper, 2015, 80cm x 80 cm

P2500 shows in a series of 9 drawings, different paths of n-dimensional rotations (deriving from program P2200)

P2500-2217a, series of 9 works, pigment-ink on paper, 2018, each 42 cm x 56 cm

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