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Centre Culturel du Marais, Paris, October 1976

Exhibition: CONTRASTES

In this contribution by Manfred Mohr to the show, two different random rotations of a cube are drawn starting with overlaying one edge of each cube and then adding an edge at each step until the two complete overlapping cubes are shown.
The transformation is drawn on folding and sprocketed paper from a CDC high-speed line printer.

The following photos were taken expressly for this website from the original 1976 wall hanging.

Click on an image below to get a more detailed version

Global view

edges 1 to 3

edges 4 to 5

edges 6 to 7

edges 8 to 9

edges 9 to 11

edges 11 to 12

This program was later realized as a series of individual drawings

© 1976 by Manfred Mohr