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2 sets of 13 drawings:
Above, P-193, "sign + cosign", series of 13 plotter drawing / ink on paper, 1976, 36.5cm x 25cm each
Other set P192 not shown, see algorithm below

© 1976 by Manfred Mohr

About the Algorithm:
There are 2 sets of 13 drawings each, one named P192 and one named P193:
1) A cube with a arbitrary rotation is calculated and transformed successively into a cube with a different rotation by replacing the 12 lines of the first cube, one by one, with their new rotated positions from the second cube.
2) Two cubes of different rotations are calculated. One line from each cube is added in each image starting from 0 lines until all 12 lines in each cube are reached, resulting in 2 overlapping cubes.

First published:
Catalog Manfred Mohr, "Dessins Génératifs - Cubic Limit II", Galerie Weiller, Paris, 1977

About the work:
The two versions of this program were originally shown as wall hangings
on folding, sprocketed printer paper in Paris and Hamburg, 1976.
Information about the wall hangings
Wall Hanging 1
Wall Hanging 2

An edition of silk screens from from the 26 drawings of this algorithm were edited by Edition Media, Neuchetel, 1977

This work is also related to the computer-generated film "Complementary Cubes" 1973 - 1974
images of which were published in the catalog - Manfred Mohr, "Cubic Limit", Galerie Weiller, Paris, 1975

One of the wall hangings is in the Spalter Digital Art Collection.