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Manfred Mohr "Divisibility II, Generative Arbeiten, Part II, Works from 1981-1984", 1985
Galerie Teufel, Cologne, Germany 19. January - 19. April 1985

This workphase contains work from 1981-1984
Work from this workphase was shown at Manfred Mohr's one-person exhibitions:
  • Manfred Mohr - Divisibility II, Galerie Heinz Teufel, Cologne, Germany, 19. January - 19. April 1985
  • Manfred Mohr - Selection of Important Works 1965-1985, Galerie Gilles Gheerbrant, Montreal, Canada, 5. Oct - 16. Nov 1985
  • Manfred Mohr - Travaux Récents, Galerie Pierre Weiller / Chevalier, Paris, France, 10. Jan - 10. Mar 1986
  • Manfred Mohr - Travaux Génératifs, Galerie Jeanne Buytaert, Antwerpen, Belgium, 19 Sept - 18 Oct, 1986
and at the group exhibition:
  • Emerging Expressions, The Artist and the Computer, Computer Generated Imagery, The Bronx Museum of the Arts, New York, April 13 - Sept 22, 1985

  • This workphase extends the last workphase Divisibility I 1980, by using the original 4-cut as a generator of an organic-like growth. The out-lines of the last generation of the structure are used to generate the next generation of the structure (with no overlapping parts). Thus a graph-like multi-piece graphic object is formed.
  • This workphase was developed 1981-1984.
  • These objects were first realized on paper and canvas with the out-lines and in-lines drawn. They were eventually realized as shaped canvas and wooden reliefs (as in Divisibility I, 1980), as multi-piece growths with the out-lines as the shape of each part and the in-lines drawn on the canvas of each part.

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Subsequent history of the paintings from the catalog

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Some other artworks using algorithms from 1981-1984

Growths as multi-part structures, P350, 1984 - 1994

Matrix of growth paintings, P-380A, 1984

Growth as black forms on canvas, P-397, 1984 - 1987

All posssible growths from one 4-cut seed
(shown as gray surface), P-380 C, 1985

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