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Manfred Mohr - Computer Graphics, Une Esthétique Programmée, ARC - Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris 1971

Wall Panel - Details

During the time of the show a large white panel was mounted in the exhibition hall at the Museum, a sort of guest book, where visitors could write whatever they wished to say. The panel consisted of sprocketed computer paper (77.5 centimeters by 281 centimeters) placed on a wooden board.
Now, seen 40 years later, the result is a fantastic nostalgic reflection of people's thinking at that time. (Unfortunately a child blackened parts of the panel with a marker.)

The comments on the panel are in many different languages, even Einstein's energy/mass formula and Schroedinger's equation can be found on this panel.

The photos on these pages were taken from the original 1971 panel which was remounted for the show:
"Manfred Mohr 1964 - 2011, Réflexions sur une esthétique programmée" bitforms, New York, Sept. 2011
This is the first time the panel has been shown since the 1971 show.

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global view of panel

detailed view of panel

© 2011 by Manfred Mohr