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Manfred Mohr "Cubic Limit, Generative Drawings, Part 1 Travaux de 1973-1975", 1975
Galerie Weiller, Paris, France, 29 mai - 28 juin 1975, extended to July 15, 1975

This workphase contains work from 1973-1975
Work from this workphase was shown at Manfred Mohr's one-person exhibitions:
  • Galerie Weiller, Paris , France, 29 May - 28 June, 1975, extended to July 15, 1975
  • Galerie Swart, Amsterdam, Holland, 28 Sept - 17 Oct, 1975
  • Galerie Media, Neuchâtel, Switzerland, 18 Feb - 21 Mar, 1976
  • Galerie D+C Mueller-Roth, Stuttgart, Germany, 20 Feb - 17 Mar, 1976
  • Galerie Gilles Gheerbrant, Montreal, Canada, 27 April - 15 May, 1976
  • Situation 2 Galerie, Hamburg, Germany, 10 Nov - 22 Dec, 1976

  • This is the first Manfred Mohr workphase catalog using the cube as a fixed structure. He uses the lines of the cube as his alphabet for his drawings.
  • This workphase contains works from 1973-1975.
  • The first hundred copies of this catalog contained a computer generated etching.
  • The graphical elements consist of subsets of the lines of a cube. This is an extension to the cube of his drawings from 1972 where he uses the lines of squares and triangles as the alphabet.
  • Rotation of the cube is introduced here.
  • Algorithms/Methods for this workphase: Series of all combinatorial number of lines n at a time, symbolic logic operations, various clusterings of elements, complementary elements, computer generated visual diagrams explaining the process, use of numbers as well as graphic elements.
  • In this workphase, besides the computer generated drawings and etchings, he created computer generated films.

Complete exhibition catalog (french, german, english)

Invitations 1975 - 1976

1975 - 1976 press about the shows


Subsequent history of the paintings from the catalog

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Some other artworks from this period 1973-1975
Computer generated algorithmic
etchings drawn with a plotter

Hybrid sewing-computer drawings

Computer generated algorithmic films included in the catalog

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