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P-128, "sphereless", computer generated algorithmic plotter drawing, ink on paper, 50cm x 50cm, 1972

© 1972 by Manfred Mohr

About the algorithm:
A matrix of signs is projected onto a sphere. The signs are random subsets of the four lines of a square and its two diagonals.

This drawing from 1972 using the sides of the square and its diagonals as an alphabet subsequently developed into the workphase "cubic limit" 1973 which uses the 12 sides of the cube as an expanded and richer alphabet.

See also other drawings 1970 - 1973 (lines of triangles and squares as alphabet, addition and subraction of lines, linear transformation forming square and cubes), which subsequently developed into the workphase "cubic limit I & II" 1973 - 1976.

First published:
Catalog Manfred Mohr, "Drawings Dessins Zeichnungen Dibujos", Galerie Weiller, Paris and Galerie Gilles Gheerbrant, Montreal, 1974    (catalog and shows)