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Manfred Mohr - Transit-Code

works from 2017 - 2018

Transit-Code refers to my many years of writing code in search of visualizing my artistic ideas. Of all the algorithms I wrote, not all of them were successful and often had to be rewritten or some times abandoned because I could not find a satisfying visual solution. I rarely deleted my code. I will publish in this forum sporadicly drawings from algorithms I had "given up" but went back to and gave them a second look. My artistic experience is the guide in finding new solutions for those originally unclear ideas. But once in a while, I am tempted to try (like with P1682) to get from a perfectly accepted solution more than one answer.

P-2300 work series, 2017

Four large works on paper from workphase P2300 transit-code

about the algorithm of this work

Click on this image to see realtime computer generated algorithmic animation



P-2400 work series, 2017-2018

P2400-299_382, pigment-ink on paper, 91.5cm x 475cm, 2018




about the algorithm of this work

P-2500-2217 work series, 2018

P2500-2217a, series of 9 works, pigment-ink on paper, 2018, 42 cm x 56 cm each

about the algorithm of this work

Publication: Manfred Mohr, transit-code / algorithmic modulations, Verlag: Zum Kleinen Markgräflerhof, Basel, 2020
Catalog of 3 gallery shows, in English: Galerie Charlot Paris Oct 2017, DAM Gallery Berlin Sept 2018, bitforms gallery New York Sept 2019

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