In "Cubic Limit", I introduce the cube into my work as a fixed system with which signs are generated. In the first part of this work phase (1972-76), an alphabet of signs is created from the twelve lines of a cube. In some works, statistics and rotation are used in the algorithm to generate signs. In others, combinatorial, logical and additive operators generate the global and local structures of the images.

The above programs developed from an earlier program "Sphereless", P128 (1972) where I generated signs from a less complex fixed structure, the square, using it's 4 sides and it's 2 diagonals as the alphabet.
See also, Drawings, 1970-1973, directly related to Cubic Limit I (early cube drawings, squares with missing lines, triangles with missing lines).

Exhibition catalogs:
Manfred Mohr, "Cubic Limit", Galerie Weiller, Paris, May 1975    (catalog and show)   (Le Monde article by Conil Lacoste)
Manfred Mohr, "Dessins Génératifs - Cubic Limit II", Galerie Weiller, Paris, October 1977    (catalog and show)