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Centre Culturel du Marais, Paris, October 1976

Exhibition: CONTRASTES

Manfred Mohr's contribution to this show was visual transformations of texts and images. They were printed/drawn on folding and sprocketed printer paper.

This work is related to the computer-generated film "Complementary Cubes" 1973 - 1974, images of which were published in the catalog - Manfred Mohr, "Cubic Limit", Galerie Weiller, Paris, 1975 - see: Films.    It was also subsequently used in the drawing series "signs and co-signs" 1976 - see: signs and co-signs.

wall hanging left (in photo below): (details)
A French text is transformed into another text in English by replacing successively in alphabethical order its letters. Starting with all the A's from the second text and morphing them onto the first text. Then all the B's, the C's etc.
Hence: The french text disintegrates step by step, while the english text slowly appears.

wall hanging center (in photo below): (details)
The first line of a quote in French used by Jacques Monod (attributed to Democritus) is transformed into the second line of the same quote:
Tout ce qui exist dans l'univers est
le fruit du hasard et de la necessite

wall hanging right (in photo below): (details)
Using the same visual procedure, a cube with a random rotation is drawn and transformed successively into a cube with a different rotation by replacing the 12 lines of the first cube, one by one, with their new rotated positions from the second cube.
Hence: The first cube disintegrates step by step, while the second cube slowly appears.

wall hanging (not shown): (details)
As above, two different random rotations of a cube are drawn starting with overlaying one edge of each cube and then adding an edge at each step until the two complete overlapping cubes are shown.
Hence: The two cubes slowly appear line by line.

Installation view 1976. Each step is drawn on one page of the folding and sprocketed printer paper

A page from the catalog with details from the algorithm written in FORTRAN IV

Catalog cover showing participating artists and dates of the show

The wall hangings of the cubes were also shown in the exhibition:
Manfred Mohr, Galerie Situation 2, Hamburg, Germany, Nov.-Dec. 1976

© 1976 by Manfred Mohr