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- BBC, Lauren Hutchinson talks to Manfred Mohr, the godfather of electronic art, Click, Full Version, (fast forward 23:15 min) 10 Feb, 2016
     - Manfred Mohr interviewed in front of his work at the opening of "Electronic Superhighway" at Whitechapel Gallery   (Photo)
- BBC twitter, Lauren Hutchinson talks to Manfred Mohr, the godfather of electronic art, Click, short version, 9 Feb 2016
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Also of interest:
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- Esoteric.Codes, 23 Feb. 2016
- Annie Dorsen talks about her excellent algorithmic theatre piece "Yesterday Tomorrow" and mentions the influence of Manfred Mohr on her thinking
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- Press:
    - Blake Gopnik, The Daily Pic, At Bitforms, Manfred Mohr's un-Renaissance Perspective, Artnet News, Wednesday, December 2, 2015
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- Videos:
  - Manfred Mohr interviewed at show by collector Peter Hirshberg, on vimeo:
    - Mohr 1 - 6 minutes
    - Mohr 2 - 17 minutes

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- OnLine Audio (52 Minutes)

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DIALOGE: Manfred Mohr interviewed by Annett Zinsmeister
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- Kunst + Technik/ Art + Technology - Interview takes place in Tribeca, New York, September 2011
- on Vimeo - HD
- on youTube

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